Jon Sarkin signs with Henry Boxer

Cape Ann artist Jon Sarkin has signed an exclusive representation agreement with the Henry Boxer Gallery. The gallery will oversee the sales of all of Sarkin’s original fine art, as well as advocate for the inclusion of the artwork in gallery exhibitions and museum collections. Jon’s studio will remain open to the public and focus on merchandise, prints, NFTs, and commissions.

"The art of Jon Sarkin is an unmediated outpouring of creativity emerging from a mysterious psychological space we all possess, but which is usually inaccessible. The door to that world was unlocked for Jon by a catastrophic event, but what was lost was also accompanied by a new ability to communicate powerfully through visual art. The door for Jon remains open and through it he continues to share his unique vision with the world."

  • - Henry Boxer, Director of the Henry Boxer Gallery and Director of Raw Vision magazine.
  • Henry Boxer and his gallery are based in Richmond UK. He has represented outsider and visionary artists since the 1970’s. The roster of artists include the likes of Malcolm McKesson, Nick Blinko, and Adolf Wolfli.

    Jon Sarkin began his career as an outsider artist in 1989, when complications from a neurosurgery led to a stroke, which prevented him from returning to work as a chiropractor. While his artwork was initially therapeutic - respite from the havoc the stroke wreaked on his nervous system - Jon has developed a truly novel artistic voice as well as a seasoned consistency.

    "All I can say is that I am highly validated, acknowledged, and flattered."

  • Jon Sarkin
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