About Jon Sarkin

Jon became an artist in 1989.

His wildly prolific artistic output was created by a condition called "sudden stroke."

Jon's distinctive artwork, which draws influence from pop culture, literature, and music, has garnered the attention of art experts and non-experts around the world.

Here's the gist of what actually happened to make Jon the artist he is today:

In 1988, Jon suddenly developed tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and hyperacusis (over-sensitivity to certain frequencies). This lead to surgery...which lead to a cerebellar hemorrhage...which lead to a stroke. Jon awoke deaf in one ear, his vision splintered, and his balance permanently skewed. Parts of his brain had been sliced and removed.

The neurons that were left made new, different connections. And compulsively creating art has helped Jon recover.

Following his stroke, Jon became obsessed with drawing.

So he drew.
And he painted.
And made collage.
And wrote poetry.
And scribbled over.
And rubbed dirt into things.

And Jon drew some more.
All the time.

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Jon resides in Rockport, Massachusetts with his family.