If you have a retail, office, or gallery space and would like to make some extra income via art sales (or just want to make your space look even better), please fill out the form below.

Approved spaces will receive a "consignment kit" which will include:

  • 10 pieces of hand-drawn, one-of-a-kind, artwork, sized 12'' x 12''
    • 9 pieces framed for display in your establishment
    • 1 piece unframed as our gift to YOU
  • 1 copy of Jon's biography "Shadows Bright as Glass" by Pulitzer Prize winning Amy Ellis Nutt
  • A batch of stickers and business cards for distribution to your customers

Rates and Prices

 Consignment Rate Minimum Retail Price
20% $150
30% $170
40% $200


Tell us about you and your establishment

Which type of pieces are you interested in?

Anything else we should know?